Top-Rated Paella Catering Services In The UK

Welcome to Vamos paella, the most trusted paella catering company in the UK. Melissa uses her generation old family recipe to bring you an authentic paella experience.

Vamos Paella

“Catering on-site, our paella creates a unique atmosphere for every event. Seafood, meat and vegetarian options are also available.”

Our company, based in the UK has grown into a thriving and successful business, with a great team who always make sure your event is organized as you want it – fun, festive, delicious and memorable. Since opening, we have quickly become the leader in paella catering for parties, wedding, anniversaries and other events.

Ignite your senses with a Spanish style. From renowned paella parties for celebrations and weddings to tapas buffets for business functions, our paella catering company will bring the Spanish flair to every event. Our imagination, cooking skills, passion, and service are the recipe for success.

We are one of the kind; we not only cook the best paella and mouth-watering tapas and provide the whole Spanish experience, but you can also rest assured you and your guest are in safe hands.

We cater to private parties and events of all sizes, from small parties of 20 to large parties of 300. We have the perfect pan for every party and the skill and experience to make sure your food is perfect. Though there is so much more to Vamos Paella than incredible cooking.

Paella Catering

Paella is our passion and our way of life! Our paella is made from locally sourced fresh premium ingredients made to traditional recipes. We use bomba rice and top quality saffron which gives our paella a rich, golden color. Every element of every dish is carefully considered and combined with love – just like its done in Spain.

When you are looking for a caterer with a difference, allow us, Vamos Paella catering company to bring some Spanish flair to the table.

This one-pot meal is the perfect feast. The large sizzling circular pan draws guest to gather around, the tantalizing aromas fill the air while our chef prepares the dish that is far more than mere food. Paella is an art; it’s entertaining, its tradition and paella catering company is a celebration.

Our appreciation of paella catering and commitment to quality and authenticity is unrivaled in the UK.


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